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Innovation sandbox was launched to provide testing and knowledge platform for innovators in Indian securities market within the regulatory framework. Various types of innovators like startups, fin-techs, education institutes and individuals can use this platform for testing their products.

CDSL as one of the MII, participated in the initiative by providing a test environment and sharing file formats with the applicants/sandbox users.

One of the leading Indian Fintech, 'Finzoom' approached the innovation sandbox committee. Their financial app IndMoney' is a leading app for portfolio and investment tracking. They proposed to use the investor holding and transaction information from Depository to provide value added service to investors. The proposal was reviewed by the Sandbox committee and SEBI. CDSL was requested to support applicant in its endeavor.

CDSL suggested Finzoom to use unformatted account statement (in data format) for the purpose. Full specification and sample files for the account statement were provided to Finzoom to enable them to develop the prototype. Finzoom after development had presented the solution to Innovation sandbox committee. Finzoom would develop dashboards and reports to users using the data. This data is available for all the investors on CDSL website application for investors. Its investor's choice to download this data and make it available to Finzoom or any other organization who can develop facility to consume this data.

We hope the new service would provide Finzoom a great opportunity to consolidate the investment data and provide premium value added services to its users.

We are pleased to find that Nerve Solutions has successfully completed Stage-1 testing at the SEBI Innovation Sandbox. The data and APIs made available by NSE allowed them to add critical surveillance features to their risk and surveillance system. – n.Prime, easily accelerating the development process by more than a few quarters.

The objective of NSE via this SEBI Innovation Sandbox program is to provide API based marketplace for various data products like TWAP, VWAP, Delayed Market data feed, Security and contract masters. The consumers of these data products will be able to subscribe and fetch data via request-response mechanisms based on the type of data being fetched by subscribing product plans. This data can be used by institutional investors, fund managers and traders to build investment strategies & products to expand market, fintech’s like Nerve solutions to build their innovation product based on the data. If you intend to innovate in capital market space and looking for easy plug and play options with some real data. Do connect with us via SEBI’s Innovation Sandbox program. We would be happy to transform your ideas into reality.


The platform delivers access to production-like test environment and test data to Financial Institution, Fintech firms, startups and entities not regulated by SEBI including Individuals.

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